The Alternative Worlds system

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Check your Reality: Before Life does.

A Reality Check by Alternative Worlds uses a software -based system that designs emergency exercises specifically for you Ė so you can practice to prepare your organisationís crisis response readiness, rather than preparing to practice it.


Itís no comfort to have an emergency response Ďplaní when it hasnít been checked, tested and proven. Even if no problems have happened so far, life can throw up nasty surprises.

Our Reality Check, developed from 25 years of Disaster Planning Scenario Simulation, creates realistic scenarios and instructions to simulate actual crises you could face, and helps you to check your readiness and train your staff.

It also provides you with consistent, secure data to measure your progress and to present to outside agencies.

Testing costs - time, money and distraction.

A Reality Check from Alternative Worlds will save you time, by doing most of the work for you.


It will save you money.

It may even save your bottom line, your reputation and the future of your business - by making sure that when you practice emergency and crisis preparedness the results are based on reality - your reality.

The system is already working for a UK business unit of a major multinational oil company. This has enabled us to test it in the field under a wide range of conditions.

'Alternative Worlds' won a Technology Strategy Board grant in 2009, allowing us to work with Birkbeck College, University of London, to improve it, and to adapt it for use in the Critical Information Infrastructure sector.

'Alternative Worlds' is distributed by Stirling Reid Ltd. Find out more by flicking through this site, or call David Upton on 07957 597904, or click here to email.